Internet memes and programmers

3 Nov


An article in the .Net magazine talks about how programmers are surrounded by stereotypes which create a stigma of being anti-social and having low amounts of personal skills.

It allowed me to develop the idea that Internet memes are built upon the reapproproation of stereotypes that already exist in the world. Rage comics, a popular example of Internet memes, are mash-ups of stereotypical personality traits within western society.



7 Oct

Ethan Marcotte | Responsive web design

3 Oct

Ethan was one of the first guys to talk about responsive web design publicly on a dense level back in 2010 within this article.

It defines how response web design is at the forefront of how we are going to be viewing information on the web, and how it will simplify the design process as well as create a more even user experience across multiple devices.

He goes very deep into the idea of media queries, and how we can use them within CSS and not within the HTML in order to focus CSS style functions at a specific device width. this creates much more semantic HTML content as we are not using it to vary the style, and we do not need to create multiple CSS files and call them in the head tag whenever a specific device width is reached.

brilliant introduction into responsive web design and the development on the test site was a good help

Matt Maitland | I am a god

3 Oct

Some work that Matt Maitland did

I am a god

What I did

Interesting page numbers | Design For Print

12 May

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 23.25.09 (2)

I wanted to make the page numbers for the book rather interesting as little aspects like this can really add to the depth of the books design. I based the design of the page numbers on the ‘mario mushroom’ which I traced and used different colours, then inserted page numbers into them. They really go with the overall theme of the book.

Images used within animation | Motion Graphics

10 May

These are all of the images that were used within my animation. the majority of them were transformed within adobe illustrator using the ‘image trace’ function to get a more animated feel to them, using less colours. some of the images used were to create the 3D book at the start of the animation, such as the paper for the edges, the worn paper graphic (which is used throughout the entire animation too) and the front cover graphic made in photoshop.

Using Grids | Design For Print

10 May

For the book that was made it was good to use a grid to align text and graphics on the page. this allows a much more aesthetically pleasing page as the objects on each page have more of a purpose than if it were not to be aligned using a grid.