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Milton Glaser – Understanding Failure

21 Oct

I was reading an article on Milton Glaser named ‘the fear of failure’ [link] which included a video of Milton himself underlying the true concepts of failure and how we should overcome (or in his words ’embrace’) failure in order to understand development. he goes on to explain how failure is an ‘inhibiting characteristic’ fuelled by our fear of critiques by professionals, friends and our family, or the fear of never getting any more work as people see failure as a weakness or a sign of unprofessionalism. Milton used the concept to portray that we need to accept failure in order to ‘find out what we are capable or not capable of doing’.


I tried to create a little doodle of Milton on the video I was watching

The article came from the blog ‘Fantabulous Visions [link], and the publisher wrote a descriptive line about the video saying:

“In a world where everyone guesses that everything is already invented, the only way to find a niche is to allow, even embrace – failure”


Initial App site wire frame

20 Oct

A website called easel.io was used to create a basic wire frame in lecture today. I used inspiration from a number of app-sites researched previously, especially ZonkOut which I talked about in one of my previous posts.