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Final Music Video | Lens Based Media

10 Jan


Lens Based Media | Video Production

8 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 15.55.17

Here are some final screen shots of the final edit of my music video, almost near the golden version. a few more finishing touches and it will be completed. check out my blog in the next couple of days for a beautiful YouTube Link!

Lens Based Media | Stock Video Footage

4 Jan

I am currently in the process of compositing the footage taken for my music video, and while editing I have realised that I may need some more B-roll footage to pack up the video and increase the overall narrative. I have found some useful stock footage that I may use within the video, links below:

These are just a few of many that I have found, and I may find some more to build up my final music video composition.

Production Snippet | Lens Based Media | Music Video

17 Dec

Production cast image

Filming for the music video began (and also was complete) on Wednesday 12 December 2012. The shooting had to be completed in one day because the costumes and make-up were not cheap so it ideally couldn’t be repeated (as I am a student!). Fortunately I was happy with the filming that took place and I have a great deal of content to use to create the final music video (track being used here. A couple of stepping stones occurred during filming, such as running out of battery during the day, so a stressful trip back to the university to charge the camera for a while was required. This was coupled with the amount of daylight that was remaining so the amount of time the battery needed to be charged had to be perfect to have enough battery time to film the final few scenes as well as getting back to the location of filming with a suitable amount of lighting to get good shoots.

Check my blog in the next couple of weeks to see the final piece!

Design for Web | Appsite logo update | Website Project

17 Dec

Student Spaces Logo

During the development process of my logo for my App site, a tutor recommended me to update it in a number of ways. the initial recommendation was to modify the design of the ends of the keys themselves, to make them look more like an official key, and not a pointy robust illustration such was my initial composition [Link] The second was to change the colour, which I have, although this is not my final colour choice and I will decide to change the colour which will fit accordingly with the colour scheme of my final website.

Lens Based Media: Music Video – Schedule

10 Dec

Monday 10 December 2012:

  • Test Scenery and lighting with DSLR camera
  • Finalise script, brief participants on the process of the production day
  • prepare props and outfits

Tuesday 11 December 2012:

  • Rent out equipment from university (Fig Rig, Tripod)
  • Charge up camera
  • finalise face painting with artist
  • prepare food and drink for the day
  • Warm clothing
  • Get some good sleep

Wednesday 12 December (Shoot Day):

  • Wake up and prepare uniforms and coffee
  • Get faces painted
  • travel to university and begin shooting

LBM – Poster Visual research and video ‘heroes journey’

26 Nov

I chose these two posters for my visual research because I think they relate to the style that I have tried to achieve for my music video poster. The alternative poster has a style that I have tried to replicate, with the drop shadow around the poster itself and a similarly styled title for it. the other image uses the concept of triangles in the background which is what I have tried to replicate in my poster as well, as triangles are always conceptually strong.

Who is your central character/hero/protagonist
The video derives around three friends dressed up as clowns and are trying to get somewhere. The main character will be me, and the focus will be on me dressed up while having my two friends along with me.

What is their desire/want/need?
Their desire is to reach a location that they are going to (in this case the beach) but the video starts with two clowns and the third is in the library and they go and get him before starting the journey to the beach.

Who or what is stopping them achieving their goal?
Obviously being dressed up as clowns is not a socially acceptable thing to do, so they face some problems along the way when they reach busy public areas. the antagonist is most likely going to be a security guard of some sort in a shop or public area like a shopping centre.

How is this conflict resolved?
The conflict is resolved by the clowns out-running the guard.

The Music Video

The music video is based around the idea of three friends, dressed as clowns, wanting to go on a day trip to the beach. they act as if it is their normal attire and not that they have got dressed up like this for one day. the video begins with two clowns, and they need to find their friend who is in the library studying so their initial quest is to get him and then begin their journey to the beach.

They are pictured going to a shop (i.e. sainsburys) but their task to purchase some resources for their trip is cut short by a security guard attempting to remove them from the store. They then have to escape from the store without getting caught or arrested which would jeapordise the task in front of them to reach the location.

Because the beach is quite far from the location they started from, they begin to get quite tired as they are running there for the majority of the video. One clown trips over along the way but you can see that they are very close and the other two have to help him up and guide him to the finishing post.

Descriptive paragraph

Three clowns begin an epic journey to travel to the beach for a day out. Will they get there?