Completed If Campaign Message | Design Principles

3 May

Completed Kinetic Typography animation and comments | Motion Graphics

29 Apr

Although the animation is 1 minute 30 seconds long which is 30 seconds longer than the 1 minute suggested time, I think that I have done quite a successful job.

I am extremely pleased with how the book at the start of the animation has been animated in 3D, I had to use ray-traced 3D within After Effects (which took its toll on my computer requiring such large processing) and had to orient different image files to create the book itself. the position of the 3D elements are not 100% perfect, but if I were going to repeat the project I would spend more time on orienting these object to create a more accurate book. I would possibly also have liked to create a ‘page flick’ effect where the book opens and the pages flick to the desired section.

I didn’t use the camera tool that much during the animation either, and it would have been nice if I made more use of this so that it would create a more effective and interactive animation.

on the official music video for the track ‘thou shalt always kill’, there was quite a good chalk effect where scroobius is pointing to a chalkboard and text/illustrations were animating onto it. I was going to create a subtle texture on top of the text in the animation to imitate that effect, but I decided against it as I wanted the text to be clear and crisp so that it will be easier to read. Initially I stated that I was going to use a simple sans-serif typeface for the animation, although I found the ‘homestead’ font which was used within the majority of the animation and I thought that it created a successful feel to the animation. I overlayed the texture too to create a simple effect to the text.

Resources Used | Motion Graphics

29 Apr

Here are a number of tools and tutorials which I found online that were particularly useful when completing my kinetic typography assignment:

MAKE IT CHANGE | Design Principles

28 Apr

Three different design ideas for the if Campaign brief visual message. two fonts used; capture it and steamer. we have chosen to use the capture it font because it is much simpler and easier to read. The steamer font is also too militarised and we do not want to portray that type of message to the viewer. We are going to print out stencils and put it on a wall on Viking Bay in Broadstairs.


27 Apr

This video was shown to me by my mother, and it caught my eye as it really shows how picking the right set of words is the only way that people will notice a message and make an impact. This video is very siginificant for our brief because only simple and significant messages will be noticed by the public, because of our culture of consuming so much information, we only take notice of the most interesting messages.

Visual Experimentation | If Campaign | Design Principles

26 Apr




During our day out trying to find some visual inspiration of the local area, we came across a number of signs and spray-paint notices around Viking Bay in Broadstairs town. These signs were situated around the male and female changing rooms of the beach, with the signs saying ‘no changing’ and ‘no changing in here’.

These signs gave me and my group a brilliant idea to create a spray-paint stencil to re-appropriate the spray paint which has been used around the beach. I also want to use the ‘no changing signs’ to add to the environment. an idea of a black stencilled drawing of africa, coupled with stencilled text in white within Africa saying something related to change:

  • You can change
  • you have the power to change
  • Change it then

I want to keep the message positive rather than negative so it makes people stop and think, as it could be extremely easy to make it seem negative such as ‘nothing ever changes’

more blog posts of mock ups of stencils will be posted soon!

Icons used to support animation | Kinetic Typography | Motion Graphics

25 Apr

Here are the majority of icons and illustrations that are going to be used within my kinetic typography animation. for the morris minor car animation, I am going to copy the car and the wheels as different layers so that I could allow the wheels to have a spinning motion.

I used a feature commonly in Illustrator called ‘image trace’ which converts existing images into vector images with varying degrees of accuracy. you can choose what style you would like the image to have, such as a sketch effect or how many colours (3, 6, 16 etc). I did this for ‘guns, bitches and bling’ as well as ‘freak like me’ parts of the animation, and used frankenstein as the freak.