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Track Selection

7 Oct

I Have been browsing SoundCloud Creative Commons for some time now, and have chosen a number of tracks that could be used for my music video artefact, links below:

1. Forest Fires РTrial and Error

2. The Living Tombstone – Dubstep Dishwasher

3. Daft Pulp –¬†ANARBOR – Let The Games Begin (Daft Pulp ReWork)

4. Ego Trip – Suit Up (how to lose)

5. Broke for Free – The Gold Lining

I am going to research these songs further, as well as their surrounding Genre’s to get an idea of the types of videos that are being composed within them. Most of these songs are either Dubstep or Alternative Rock. Hopefully this will help me determine what track will be the most suitable to compose a music video for my assignment.