Scroobius Pip | Set Research | Motion Graphics

18 Mar

In order for me to better grasp a style for my kinetic typography music video, I have been doing some research on how Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac set up their gigs and festival sets.

The above official music video for the track has some good references which I may be able to transfer across to my kinetic typography video. He uses an animated map of the world to show what countries are english speaking and those that are not english speaking, which I may try to use and adapt myself.

he uses a simple chalkboard style of editing when describing that ‘Guns, Bitches and Bling’ were never part of the four elements. This is useful as it promotes a possible handwritten style for the duration of the video. I may use a simple black chalkboard texture with a white typeface. This will add more realism and seem professional but ‘home made’ in the sense that the lyrics are coming directly from Scroobius Pip himself.



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