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12 Mar

Mushroom_rootsphoto 1

My initial ideas for a book cover were to create a relation to the mushroom family and a human nervous system, giving the message that mushrooms work as a system to keep the forest in tact as one (and if they were not there then neither would be the forest). I developed one of my previous drawings (above, left) compared to the original on the right. I have added more detail, as well as playing around with the creativity of the typography by placing them along the roots of the mushroom.












I created a new design which imitates a spinal chord (as this is an important part of any mammal nervous system) and added the cap of a mushroom at the top as a symbolism of the brain i.e. the central nervous system. If I was to use this I would have to modify the position and location of typography in order to make it work, but I definitely like the illustration being directly in the centre of the cover from top to bottom, giving it a good sense of symmetry.













This book cover idea takes the idea that the mushroom is at the forefront of the forest. The essence is that the mushrooms essentially create the forest ecosystem, and if the mushroom family disappears, then so will the trees as they are portrayed as the shadow of the mushroom, despite being much larger than them in most cases. For this illustration I would have to try and get the perspectives of the shadow inch perfect on illustrator for it to be successful, but the layout is very strong.













This book cover is very minimalist and hasn’t got a huge deal of meaning behind it, but I took some visual research on how triangle shapes and different shades of colour can make a book cover seem very strong and powerful (especially with the use of diagonal lines). I may experiment with this as well as maybe introducing an image of a forest behind the title, and the colours of each section will be soft pastille colours and have subtle opacity drops so that you can see the image behind them.


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