Essay Structure | Contextual Theory For Designers

12 Mar

Having a thorough look through the brief for our CTFD essay assignment, I feel a lot clearer about the direction of the content I would like to include. A tutorial meeting with Alan Meades regarding the assignment left me with a useful structure in which I am going to adopt:

  • Hypothesis (100 words approx)
  • Key terms and ideas (700 words approx)
  • Case Study – my piece of work, link to design movements (200 words)
  • Analyse the case study (800 words)
  • Conclude (200 words)

The essay has not been given to us as a means of describing how amazing our piece of work, because it explicitly implores us NOT to use descriptive content on why we chose to make our piece of work look the way it looks. Instead the requirement is to relate specific aspects of the work to one of four modernist schools of thought – Bauhaus, Constructivism, Modernism and Futurism.

Clown Revised 1











Above is the piece of work that I am using to complete the assignment. the work was a poster submission for my first year module ‘Lens Based Media’. initially my first thoughts of the poster would be to relate it to the Constructivist movement over the others, because of the good use of structure. At first glance (now that I am aware of the movements) I can easily relate it to the work of Rodchenko and Maholy-Nagy because of their use of geometric letterforms, flat color, diagonal composition and photomontage.


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