Scroobius Pip | Song Request | Motion Graphics

11 Mar

During presentation week, I showed to my tutor and my class that I was intending to use a clip from the first series of the Ricky Gervais Show with Karl Pilkington. While this was my initial choice, I decided to give some people an e-mail, specifically Scroobius Pip in regards to his rap ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’. I have always been a fan of his music and work, So thought that if I could get an e-mail back from him (which I initially thought was highly unlikely) Then I could use his lyrics which make so much sense and relate to me greatly. Fortunately, He e-mailed me back the next morning saying it was absolutely fine to use it, so long as I do not use the production for any economic gain (which would breach their copyright terms), but as this is an educational project, there is no economic advantage to it. the conversation between me and Scroob can be seen below

E-mail sent to Scroobius Pip:

> Hey Scroobius Pip,
> I am carrying out a project at university on Motion Graphics, and I have been asked to complete a video on After Effects using Kinetic Typography. I have always loved the lyrics for the track ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to use a minute or so of the track for educational purposes for the assignment.
> I can really relate to the lyrics which is why I have chosen to contact you, and I know I may possibly be breaching copyright by using it without your permission, So if you have time to reply (as I know you may have a busy schedule) it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for your time!
> Bradly Locking

What Scroobius pip replied to me:

Hey there

Sounds fine to me!
As long as its not being sold or used for financial gain it shouldn’t be a problem.
All the best.




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