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11 Mar

Following on from our presentation week where we showcased our initial ideas for our ‘book of families’ it was evident that the most positively reinforced idea for my book was the mushroom families. The idea seemed promising, although it was extremely difficult to pick up ideas of what the content of the book should include to make it more of a book, and not a factual Encyclopedia about different types of mushrooms as this is certainly too literal for the design brief.

To create more of a storyline of a family, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to research how mushrooms work in the environment to get a feel of their connection to each other. The website All About Mushrooms was extremely insightful as it described how funghi transfer their spores through the ground in the form of tiny threads (Hyphae). It is only when two of these meet and the humidity and conditions are correct when Mushrooms are developed. They are essentially the by-product (or flower) of the Hyphae that live below the ground. Not only that, but the two hyphae that meet must be compatible with each other to create mushrooms. I could relate this to soul-mates and the fact that they are constantly searching for their flowering buddy.

Mushrooms have a very specific role in nature. They help to keep the balance equal between small plants and large plants. They also rot and decompose dead objects like falling trees. If this did not happen, then there would be an overflowing mass of product in the environment that would cause busy woodland populations.

This gave me the idea that they are in fact working as a team to cause a balance, and they require eachother for specific needs, like a family.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 17.28.03

The website ‘All About Mushrooms” had a nice informative table which described the basic classifications of mushrooms, which I could use to form a basis of what to include in my book and how to transform pure facts into a friendly, humorous storyline.


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