Book Cover Development and Design | Design For Print

11 Mar

I have been doing some extensive research on book covers, book styles as well as research on mushrooms, my chosen ‘family’ for my book of families. The Book Cover Archive has given me a huge insight into how book covers can vary so broadly, and you can see in my previous DFP post that I have picked a number that I really like the style and layout of.

The gallery above shows some of my visual research put into action for my own book cover. The mind map shows some ideas for names of my book. I read an article on Oregon Mushroom Stories Which lead to my conclusion of the name ‘Mushroom – Nervous System of the Forest’. From this I have tried to introduce the metaphor into my design style – the first example being the mushroom which has a cap in the style of a brain. The other is an illustration of a nerve cell and mushrooms growing off of the stem. I will begin to develop these ideas and possibly create some digital versions before I find my final creation of the book cover.


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