Book cover visual research | Design For Print

8 Mar

To begin with developing ideas for my book on mushrooms, I thought it would be appropriate to do some visual research on some interesting book covers so that I can create a few ideas based on my findings. the Book Cover Archive was my first port of call for research as there are literally thousands of pages of book covers from all eras, so there is a broad perspective of ideas. This is allowing me to develop a picture of how illustrators can use book covers to exert an emotion in the reader and give them a small picture of what they will likely find in the content of the book itself.

I particularly liked the ‘Great Gatsby’ book cover above as it cleverly uses the ‘Y’ of Gatsby as the champagne glass of Gatsby. it is extremely minimalist and simplistic, which adds to its value as a book cover as the illustrator clearly has a good ability to constrain his/her typography to a grid.

The front cover of ‘the book of dead philosophers’ is a photograph of the book itself, layed flat on a plain white table. This gives the image of an object like a tomb or a coffin, which reflects greatly with the title.


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