Motion Graphics | Kinetic Typography | Initial Research

25 Jan

Our first lecture took place for Motion Graphics this week, and we were taking part in an introduction to the field. our task for this part of year one motion graphics is to create a Kinetic Typography piece of maximum one minute long, which exceeds the natural expectation that we will choose a speech from a movie and is more focused on our interests. For this I thought the best thing to start off with was to do some research of what I may be expecting to complete for this course, and there are a number of pieces that I found rather appealing below:

This video had a really brilliant balance of typography as well as the use of icons (such as the lighbulb used to represent ‘intuition’). the texture behind the typography is also rather effective.

this video is a brief description of typography expert Max Miedinger, who was involved in the creation of the Helvetica typeface. The reason why I chose to present this video on my blog is because of the excellent use of animations and transitional elements. the balance of the colors of the fonts and the backgrounds is also very complementary. I have been trying to look at assignment pieces, because I will be able to relate to them a lot more and will set a standard for me to reach for the assignment given.

We were asked to try to keep away from using movie scripts for our piece, but I love Heath Ledgers role as the Joker too much not to include a kinetic typography animaiton based around him. the movement of the text between phrases and characters is very smooth, and the creator has used different colors for different characters talking within the scene.

This ia a very powerful speech from the 1976 film ‘Network’. I really enjoyed how the designer has made the text have a constant ‘hovering’ effect and a lot of the text is very fast moving, which identifies the chaos and power within the speech.

Some of the work out there is rather brilliant, the skills at the moment seem almost impossible to pick up, but with time I will hopefully be able to create a 1 minute clip which will be able to compete with these gems! keep posted for more research


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