Inspiration sound files | Kinetic Typography | Motion Graphics

25 Jan

For the motion graphics module we are required to find a sound file (or a snippet of a sound file) for around a minute to use for our Kinetic Typography piece of work using Adobe After Effects. I have thought of some initial ideas for what I may possibly want to use, and I want to use a piece of sound that will be extremely inspirational to the user.

Steve Jobs is an extremely significant figure in technological design. Although his motives and business attitudes have been seen to be somewhat controversial, He transformed a once struggling company into a corporation with a ‘form follows function’ design style that is now a rival for huge aspects of the computing and smartphone market. His business innovation is what has led me to choose a speech of his.

I’m quite glad that i found this little snippet of Gary Vaynerchuck on YouTube from his Ink 500 seminar. this was a part which really stood out to me, one because it was ridiculously funny and two because somehow he talks business sense but in a really ‘common’ and non-business way. This would be something that would be really comedic for a Typography animation and his enthusiasm means I could really play around with making the movement and animation exciting.

No description, Just the Joker.

I could listen to this speech over and over again, and it will still make me feel extremely emotional. the power of this speech is very inspirational. It was also an important area of Chaplin’s career as it was one of the first times that you heard him speak, as the majority of his career was silent movies.

These apple promotional videos are very calm and informative and the music is very in tune with the style of the apple devices. I think that the vocabulary that the designers use at apple to portray their newest creations could make a very interesting Kinetic Typography animation.


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