Production Snippet | Lens Based Media | Music Video

17 Dec

Production cast image

Filming for the music video began (and also was complete) on Wednesday 12 December 2012. The shooting had to be completed in one day because the costumes and make-up were not cheap so it ideally couldn’t be repeated (as I am a student!). Fortunately I was happy with the filming that took place and I have a great deal of content to use to create the final music video (track being used here. A couple of stepping stones occurred during filming, such as running out of battery during the day, so a stressful trip back to the university to charge the camera for a while was required. This was coupled with the amount of daylight that was remaining so the amount of time the battery needed to be charged had to be perfect to have enough battery time to film the final few scenes as well as getting back to the location of filming with a suitable amount of lighting to get good shoots.

Check my blog in the next couple of weeks to see the final piece!


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