Design For Web: Appsite Logo design and development

30 Nov

In my previous post for Design for Web, I showed a sketchbook drawing of what I wanted my logo to look like for my app site. above you can see an attempt to create this logo in Adobe Illustrator. The alignment is not perfect nor is it my final version, but creating this logo has helped my understand quite a few functions of Illustrator that I will need to know for the future.

Although my target audience is directly aimed at students, this would probably mean that I should use a less formal typeface than the one I am currently using (Font: Abraham Lincoln from Losttype). The reason why I have chosen to use this font because it creates a more scholarly feel which will also be appealing to parents of the prospective students.

I showed this Logo to one of my tutors, who gave me some good feedback. My tutor liked the concept of it, but thought that it would be a lot more effective if I find a profile view of an existing Yale key because there is something about the irregularity of the points which make it more unique than the flat design I have created. This will be a good development from my original design.


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