App site research

27 Nov

I have been doing some research for my app site, and I came up with some content that I need to include within my site. I shall have 4 pages, a home page, an about page, a support page and a reviews page.

The home page will have no scroll and will have a small footer at the bottom, logo in the middle at the top (most likely) and social network links on the top right and navigation at the top right. An iPhone logo will be on the right aside of the website and the name of the app and the tag line along with the call to action button(s) will be below that. I want the home page to be very simple but interactive and use some CSS3 transitions for links and appearence, and use a soft gradient background for the main body.

For colour schemes I am going to use soft blues for the background because from colour theory research in the module design principles, blue has a dependent feel to it and as it is quite an educational app, I want to convey this to the user. I will research further into colour theory in order to determine what font colour will look good on the blue background. I have researched some fonts that I may want to use and these can be seen on the images below.




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