LBM – Poster Visual research and video ‘heroes journey’

26 Nov

I chose these two posters for my visual research because I think they relate to the style that I have tried to achieve for my music video poster. The alternative poster has a style that I have tried to replicate, with the drop shadow around the poster itself and a similarly styled title for it. the other image uses the concept of triangles in the background which is what I have tried to replicate in my poster as well, as triangles are always conceptually strong.

Who is your central character/hero/protagonist
The video derives around three friends dressed up as clowns and are trying to get somewhere. The main character will be me, and the focus will be on me dressed up while having my two friends along with me.

What is their desire/want/need?
Their desire is to reach a location that they are going to (in this case the beach) but the video starts with two clowns and the third is in the library and they go and get him before starting the journey to the beach.

Who or what is stopping them achieving their goal?
Obviously being dressed up as clowns is not a socially acceptable thing to do, so they face some problems along the way when they reach busy public areas. the antagonist is most likely going to be a security guard of some sort in a shop or public area like a shopping centre.

How is this conflict resolved?
The conflict is resolved by the clowns out-running the guard.

The Music Video

The music video is based around the idea of three friends, dressed as clowns, wanting to go on a day trip to the beach. they act as if it is their normal attire and not that they have got dressed up like this for one day. the video begins with two clowns, and they need to find their friend who is in the library studying so their initial quest is to get him and then begin their journey to the beach.

They are pictured going to a shop (i.e. sainsburys) but their task to purchase some resources for their trip is cut short by a security guard attempting to remove them from the store. They then have to escape from the store without getting caught or arrested which would jeapordise the task in front of them to reach the location.

Because the beach is quite far from the location they started from, they begin to get quite tired as they are running there for the majority of the video. One clown trips over along the way but you can see that they are very close and the other two have to help him up and guide him to the finishing post.

Descriptive paragraph

Three clowns begin an epic journey to travel to the beach for a day out. Will they get there?


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