Initial LBM poster clown sketch idea

17 Nov

I drew this during lecture a while ago but forgot to post it, but it is what I visualised my poster to look like. I did some other sketches which I didn’t particularly like, but this one looked conceptually strong as the triangle points the viewer to the title at the top (I.e the name of the artist of the song that I am going to use for my music video. I have begun to create the poster on photoshop already and have already decided to change the font face from a font called LOT, to a simpler font (Helvetia compressed) which is a lot easier to read (I got feedback from students saying my initial font face was difficult to understand).

I have also created a drop shadow effect on a centre piece where it gives a vintage effect where it looks as if the poster is on a piece of paper and is sitting on a wooden table. Keep posted to see the final piece!



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