DFW App Site name thought shower

17 Nov



I researched my app idea further and decided to look up names of existing accommodation applications on the iPhone as well as searching for websites or companies that provide flats or houses that may have a suitable or quirky name which I could use as inspiration for my app site name. I came up with a few ideas based on the research I carried out, as you can see above, and my fellow students and family looked at them and decided on three choices that they mainly preferred:

  • student-condo
  • student spaces
  • uni-pad

When I looked at these choices that were whittled down from the list that I made myself, I personally thought that the ‘uni-pad’ app name could be confused to users as maybe being a form of text pad or writing pad aimed at university students instead of an accommodation application so I have decided against using this name. My personal favourite was the ‘student spaces’ name and when I said this to some of my students the majority said that this was their overall favourite.

Below is a screen capture of a university accommodation application that is already existing. I thought that this would hinder my ability to design and develop the website and the app for my assignment. Looking further into the description of the app, it was seen that it was for external accommodation agencies that are not controlled by the university, and my app will be developed to provide a service for all accommodation let out by the university itself. The app’s target audience will therefore be mainly first year students looking for halls or housing.



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