Song Change REQUIREMENT – Ego Trip Official

13 Nov

I was researching the band that I am going to use for my music video further (ego-trip) and the song that I was going to use was called Suit Up (how to lose). I then found another track of theirs called Running Out, which goes perfectly with the theme of my music video Idea. I wanted to change because this song is a lot more professional in my opinion and it has a lot more energy which I prefer to the previous song choice.


This is the music video of the song that I am now going to use. I like the idea that they have sped up the music video in order to increase the level of energy within the video. the quality of the recording is poor, but the contrast of colours include a lot of oranges, reds and purples which create warmth and promote excitement in the viewer.


Another music video that I found was that of Foals called Inhaler. This is their new single, and has a lot more energy compared to previous albums and videos. What I can see evidently is that they increase the speed that the frames change according to the intensity of the song and the build up to the chorus which is very fast and loud. They use a good balance of close ups, medium shots and wide shots with the lead singer mostly in extreme close ups of his face and there are some medium and wide shots of the entire band. They have imitated the idea of zombies grouping together in one of the wide angle shots where all of the skaters are grouped together in a large space then all separate in different directions riding their skate boards away.


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