App sites idea brainstorm “Thought Shower”

7 Nov

My new term for a mind map is a ‘thought shower’:

  • Restaurant waiting time
  • UCAS accommodation Finder/booker:
    • find university
    • enter login details
    • view available halls at university, prices, images, taken or free etc
    • make a booking and apply for the room within the app and pay using student finance
  • app that sends a notification when people you know are near your location
  • Voice controlled swear box – connects to your apps and if you swear then it will block you from one of your smart phone apps that you use the most. modified this idea from Paul Ratners article on apps
  • Musician-Audition (catchy name ey), finds locations of auditions for musicians worldwide

From these applications and the previous applications I thought of during the lecture (posted on 5th october in design for web) I have chosen to expand, design and develop the UCAS accommodation finder application because I know that it has not been developed yet and would be a suitable addition as I personally found the application process for my halls confusing and had no images of what the place looked like.


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