Alternative ‘alt’ music genre research

5 Nov

Alternative rock music became popular in the 1980’s and was mainly an under-the-radar genre that was far from the main stream. This was because many of the bands stood against the mainstream and commercialism. A few bands within this period did have quite a lot of success, such as The Cure and R.E.M, and was not until the 1990’s when the genre really started to interest the public.


From researching, I found that the alternative music genre was initially targeted at the college and university scene, but from recent understandings it can be seen that this has seen to widen, with many people being attracted to the nirvana culture in the 1990’s. I am going to aim my poster and music video at university students as I believe that my ideas will appeal to this target audience.


The track that I have selected to use for my music video is Ego Trip – Suit Up (How to Lose)


  1. Alternative music genre
  2. Alternative description and audience

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