LBM – Posters that I like

25 Oct

While browsing through deviant art in the ‘advertising’ section looking for inspiration for my music video poster, I stumbled across a few brilliant examples of well composed poster artwork. I especially love the ‘Time’ poster on the left because its central focus really directs your eyes to the most important part of the work, and the designer has ingeniously used highlights on the waterfall and the ‘Time’ text so that your eyes are attracted to this point more than anything else.

The ‘Earth Day’ poster has good composition in the sense that the designer has successfully taken advantage of open space and typography so that our eyes go towards the small amount of text on the top. it is simple, succinct, and has an ordering tone making the user think they must ‘act now’. for people who do not know what earth day entails, it keeps them hooked with a cliff-hanger style promoting them to research further about the event.

I like the vintage style illustration and shades on the ‘Hope market’ poster, because it gives a comfortable and warm feel to the person reading the poster. the main detail is within the text at the bottom of the poster, and the designer had used downward curves to focus the readers attention on this part (such as the pointing of the ribbon between the large text). The designer has used a nice texture overlay on the poster to give it a soft touch.


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