Paul Rand – Logo Design IBM

23 Oct

Paul Rand was an american Graphic Designer who worked on Logo Design for large corporations, packaging, Advertising and book cover design to name a few areas of his expertise. He has worked with clients such Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs, And developed the iconic design of the IBM logo (above) which had a number of variations.

I chose to research the IBM area of Paul’s work because of its corporate importance and popularity. I went on to research Paul’s ideas of Logo development, and found a segment from his own book ‘Paul Rand – Design Form and Chaos’ [link]. He explains how ‘A logo does not sell, it identifies’, symbolising the idea that a company cannot be successful for the sole reason that they have an attractive logo design. He explains how a logo will be seen in the public eye as attractive if the company behind it are successful:

“it is foolhardy to believe that a logo will do its job immediately, before an audience has been properly conditioned”

The First IBM logo to be developed by Paul was the black outline (above, Centre) in 1956, and the redesigns followed with the 13 bar variation in 1967 and the 8 bar in 1972. Today’s variations remain relatively similar to the final edit by Paul, with various colour changes.



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